Two FSPMI Activists Arrested In Union Busting Effort

News from Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia and the International Metalworkers’ Federation of union busting efforts at PT Takita, a Japanese owned metal-stamping facility in Cikarang, Bekasi.

FSPMI is calling for the Indonesian President to intervene to ensure the release of shop stewards Evi Risiasari and Yuli Setianingsih, who are in prison as a result of their union activities.  The sisters have been fighting to secure ongoing employment for all 152 employees at PT Takita Manufacturing, where less than half of the workers have permanent jobs…

The FSPMI is holding daily protests with other workers in front of the factory in Cikarang, Bekasi, around 50 kms from Jakarta.  Management of the Japanese company targeted the sisters for their union activities and accused them of falsifying medical leave.  When the sisters denied the accusation, they were threatened with immediate dismissal and forced to sign written statements agreeing to the charges.

The news release also sights the “invisible costs” of doing business in Indonesia as an issue for the union, both as a way to limit full-time employment and as a way to enforce union-busting measures.

As is common practice in the region, corrupt Human Resource management at the company take bribes from labour suppliers to continue hiring contract workers.  FSPMI Secretary Iqbal Said said corruption within the judiciary also made long prison terms for the sisters a very real possibility.


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