PT Bank UOB Buana Workers Go On Strike

Thousands of banking workers have gone out on strike at Singapore-based United Overseas Bank’s Indonesia subsidiary, PT Bank UOB Buana, disrupting business at branches across the country and threatening to stay out for up to 3 days.  While press coverage naturally focuses on issues of pay and bonuses, the union’s concerns also include who qualifies as a full-time employee and reforms to its pension plan.

The Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe articles offer differing figures on the amount of the demanded pay increase, perhaps the result of the contested realm of company and union contract costing.  What both articles agree on is the fact that, despite management’s citing the global financial crisis, UOB posted increased profits in the first quarter of 2009 over the first quarter of 2008.

Here are the reporters on the strike from Tempo Interaktif, Detik, and Kompas, with some interesting variations in the focus of the coverage.

[Update 4/21/09]:  The Jakarta Post is reporting that the UOB Buana workers have set another strike deadline for the end of April.


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