Taring Padi Posters On Streets Of Yogyakarta

The following is a collection of posters on display in the streets of Yogyakarta, created by the Yogya-based artists collective Taring Padi.  Their latest collection is a reaction to the upcoming election and has been featured in the May 2009 edition of Tapian magazine.  It should be noted, the author of Working Indonesia is not a photographer and any issues with the images can be attributed to this fact.

3 responses to “Taring Padi Posters On Streets Of Yogyakarta

  1. If by chance you have address (any form of address of those Taring padi) i would like to contact them for the copy of their posters. i found it very interesting, rough yet very straightforward. i saw them in yogyakarta month ago.but you just couldn’t tear them up right form the wall, (or can you , lol).


  2. workingindonesia

    I believe you can find their contact information at the following webpage:


  3. Good article. I’m experiencing some of these issues as well..

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