Toshiba Strike Update: FSPMI Back At Bargaining Table

The International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) has posted this update on the strike at Toshiba Indonesia, where 700 workers have been on strike since April 16th.  The company has refused to recognize a collective bargaining agreement previously signed by the management and fired 15 union leaders.  You can donate to the Toshiba workers’ strike fund here.

In other Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia (FSPMI) news, 300 workers at PT Kymco Lippo Motor Indonesia have been locked out since October 2008 and unpaid since April 2009 are threatening to auction off company assests in order to pay back wages.  The IMF describes the strange turn of events below:

PT Kymco Lippo Motor Indonesia is a joint-venture between 75 per cent majority shareholder Kwang Yang Motor Company (Taiwan) and 25 per cent shareholder PT Lippo (Indonesia)….However, when a parts supplier filed legal proceedings against the company for failure to settle payments due, PT Lippo discovered that the Taiwanese management was mismanaging the company. The High Court in Jakarta later found the Taiwanese partner guilty of fraud and ordered damages for a sum of US$20 million in favour of PT Lippo and, pending the full settlement of the damages, the court ordered that company President Mr. Su Kou Chang be remanded in prison. Before the court order could be executed, the President of the company fled from Indonesia. 


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