FSPMI – Toshiba Dispute Resolved

The Internatioanl Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF) has announced today that the dispute between Federasi Serikat Pekerja Metal Indonesia and Toshiba has been resolved.  As a result of the resolution, nearly 700 mostly female workers who have been locked out and dismissed will be unconditionally re-instated.  The workers went on strike April 16th after the company refused to implement a collective bargaining agreement signed by both parties and fired 15 members of the local union leadership.  All 700 workers were subsequently locked-out and dismissed by the company.

Under threat of criminal charges against union leadership, a civil lawsuit against FSPMI for damages, and the potential for the company to bring in replacement contract workers, the union conceded that the 15 union leaders would agree to resign from the company rather than demand re-instatement.  As one local leader described, “The fifteen leaders have resigned from the company and they will be paid adequate compensation. Most important is that the union status in this company is restored. If we had prolonged this struggle the company could have replaced the dismissed workers with contract workers because the Labour Court granted such decision in favour of the company.”  Those same leaders will continue to work with the FSPMI to assist the newly elected local union leadership.


One response to “FSPMI – Toshiba Dispute Resolved

  1. Ugh, a painful resolution. Let us hope that the union regains its strength in the time ahead.

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