Federation of Independent Media Workers Unions Pushes For Improvements

The Jakarta Globe has this report on meetings between the newly formed Federation of Independent Media Workers Unions, a federation of 8 unions from Jakarta and Solo, and Erman Suparno of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration.  The federation was created in July as a vehicle to push for improved working conditions, an end to short-term contract-based employment, and an improvement in wages.  According to the head of the federation, unionization of media workers is far behind other industries, with the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AIJ) recording only 26 media workers unions nationwide and media outlets as “allergic” to unionization as any other employers.

In the article, Ignatius Haryanto takes the argument one step futher, pointing out tension between the media’s more democratic ideals and its lack of transparency regarding labor issues, which according to Haryanto can be seen in “an unspoken solidarity between media owners not to bring up the subject when there’s a labor issue at another media company”


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