Padang Earthquake: How To Help?

While I try to keep the focus of this blog fairly narrow, the recent earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra has left anyone with any ties to Indonesia deeply saddened and gravely concerned.  The New York Times currently reports 529 dead, but the figure is expected to continue to rise.

For those of you who are looking for ways to help, one way is to make a donation to Mercy Corp’s Asia Pacific Disaster Fund.  It has been recommended to me by a source who both works on exactly these kinds of issues and has spent time working on them in Padang.  As they describe below, their organization has been on the ground in Padang working on just this issue.

Mercy Corps’ response will include distribution of shelter items, other relief supplies and provision of clean water. Our team will also continue to assess the situation, alongside other responders and local authorities, to determine how we can help in other ways.  We’ve operated programs in Padang for the last several years, including disaster preparedness, infrastructure rebuilding and nutrition for mothers and children. This ongoing work places us in a unique position to mount an effective, widespread response to a variety of critical needs.


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