E-Action: Support Thai Railway Workers

Protest rally by Thai railway workers

While Working Indonesia tries to keep the focus specifically on Indonesia, I think I will start stretching the scope of the blog ever so slightly by posting occasional articles of interest from other places in Southeast Asia.   The first post in this vein is an e-action from LabourStart in support of Thai railway workers.  Following this link, you can send an e-mail to State Railway of Thailand expressing your support for the State Railway Workers’ Union of Thailand (SRUT).  For more information on the campaign, see below.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its affiliate, the State Railway Workers’ Union of Thailand (SRUT) are demanding the Thai rail management (SRT) stop its anti-union practices and improve its industrial relationship with the union. Six union officials in the Hat Yai Branch were unfairly dismissed in October 2009 for taking part in national industrial action. Union members refused to drive unsafe trains after a fatal accident had occurred. The driver in the crash had fallen asleep on duty because he had been working for a month with only one rest day. Background to this incident are the lack of investment and a large-scale reduction of jobs in the SRT by the government.


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