Women and Work In Indonesia

Inside Indonesia has a review of the new volume of essays entitled Women and Work In Indonesia, edited by Michele Ford and Lyn Parker.  I personally have just gotten it from the library but have not had time to read it.  However, according to Teri Caraway, reviewer and scholar of the Indonesian labor movement, “No other book on women and work in Indonesia has the breadth of this volume.”

Introduction: Thinking About Indonesian Women and Work Michele Ford and Lyn Parker 1. Not your Average Housewife: Minangkabau Women Rice Farmers in West Sumatra Evelyn Blackwood 2. Keeping Rice in the Pot: Women and Work in a Transmigration Settlement Gaynor Dawson 3. Dukun and Bidan: The Work of Traditional and Government Midwives in Southeast Sulawesi Simone Alesich 4. Poverty, Opportunity and Purity in Paradise: Women Working in Lombok’s Tourist Hotels Linda Rae Bennett 5. Industrial Workers in Transition: Women’s Experiences of Factory Work in Tangerang Nicholaas Warouw 6. Bodies in Contest: Gender Difference and Equity in a Coal Mine Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt and Kathryn Robinson 7. Meanings of Work for Female Media and Communication Workers Pam Nilan and Prahastiwi Utari 8. Makkunrai Passimokolo’: Bugis Migrant Women Workers in Malaysia Nurul Ilmi Idrus 9. Making the Best of What You’ve Got: Sex Work and Class Mobility in the Riau Islands Michele Ford and Lenore Lyons 10. Straddling Worlds: Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore Rosslyn von der Borch


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