E-Action: Support Migrant Workers In Thailand

Labourstart has another Southeast Asia related internet campaign, this one in support of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand.  By clicking here, you can send a message to the Thai government urging it to extend a Feb 28th deadline it has imposed on migrant workers, in which they must either verify their nationality or face deportation.  Along with concerns over transparency and access to the national verification process for migrant workers, there are also concerns regarding the conditions workers will face upon their return to Burma.

As the message concludes:

I urge your government to extend the NV [national verification] process deadline so that all migrants are able to access the system. I also urge the RTG [Royal Thai Government] to negotiate with the government of Burma to arrange for the NV process to take place in Thailand, to protect the rights and welfare of all migrant workers.  Lastly, I further request that RTG provide migrant workers with a registration system that is transparent, effective and most importantly respects the rights of all migrant workers.

[Update, 2.23.10]: You can send a similar message in support of migrant workers through the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) website.


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