Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) Marks International Women’s Day

China Worker recently published an article on the Hong Kong-based Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union (IMWU) protests for International Women’s Day.  The IMWU was forced to mark International Women’s Day on Sunday, a day early, because that is the only day in the week that most domestic workers receive time off.  The IMWU planned to march on the Indonesian consulate, their demands including a black-listing of recruiting agencies that violate workers’ rights, concerns over underpayment and excessive hours, and an increase in the minimum wage that will include migrant workers.


One response to “Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) Marks International Women’s Day

  1. Kasper Stensgaard

    I’m a master of journalism student at The University of Hong Kong. I’m doing an article about Indonesian maids as my exam project.

    I would absolutely love to talk to you about a number of questions that I believe that you would know a lot about.

    It’s my great hope that I could swing by your office as soon as possible and talk to one of your staff.

    Here’s a few questions that I’ll just present, so that you know what kind of story that I’m trying to make.

    1) Why have we seen the big increase of Indonesians coming to HK?

    2) How big has this increase been?

    3) How are the background and and conditions for Indonesian maids in HK different from those of Filipinos?

    4) Do they go through a different employment process? Do they normally get what they are promised in their contracts?

    5) Do HK employers view them differently than Filipinos? (Do they have a lower status?)

    6) Do you know any cases of Indonesians who have gotten into trouble with their employers? Abuse, for example.

    7) Where can the Indonesian maids seek help if they’ve been violated?

    8) Are they allowed and do they have the time to practice their religion?

    9) Are there new developments that you think that I could find interesting?

    10) Do you know any Indonesian maids that I could come into contact with and ask them about their experiences?

    I REALLY hope that you can find the time to talk to me as soon as possible! 🙂

    All the best,

    Kasper Stensgaard

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