Dock Workers Riot In Batam

Indonesian dock workers set fire to three buildings and torched or vandalized more than 20 vehicles on Thursday after an argument with Indian manager, police said. (Jakarta Globe/Reuters Photo)

It looks like the facts are still being sorted out after dock workers in Batam rioted in response to a conflict between workers and foreign managers.  Here are a few articles on the incident (here, here, here).  Below is the report from Business Week:

Thousands of workers at a shipyard in Indonesia torched more than 20 cars Thursday as part of a violent protest against a foreign manager who allegedly insulted local workers, police said. At least nine people were injured.  The protest at PT Drydock World Graha docks on Batam, an island just south of Singapore, was sparked by racism, said Col. Zainuri Lubis, a deputy national police spokesman.

He did not elaborate, but local media reports said the workers were angry because they were repeatedly called “stupid” by an Indian manager.

More than 40 Indian and Singaporean workers at the company had to be evacuated to local police stations, the official Antara news agency reported. At least nine people were injured in the protest, hospital officials said.


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