E-Action: Support Workers at PT Mulia Knitting Factory

The Clean Clothes Campaign has posted this e-action in support of garment workers at PT Mulia Knitting Factory, a supplier factory to Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren.  It will only take a minute to send a message to Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren urging them to address the issue.

Here’s the background from the Clean Clothes Campaign:

The trade-union violations continue at this Indonesian factory, and workers report an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Workers at the PT Mulia Knitting Factory just outside the Indonesian capital Jakarta had been facing unfair and dangerous working conditions for years, when they established an independent workers union at the factory in 2007. They were not satisfied with the lack of action on the part of an existing factory union, that was deemed too “management-friendly”. However, as soon as the new union was established, the members came under heavy pressure by the management to resign from the union or be sacked or transferred to a location far away.


3 responses to “E-Action: Support Workers at PT Mulia Knitting Factory

  1. This issue has been resolved. Please review on The Clean Clothes Campaign’s official website for their latest update.
    thank you.

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