E-Action: Support Garment Workers In The Philippines

You can send a message in support of hundreds of garment workers at Alta Mode Inc who are currently being locked out by going here.  Here is the background from Labourstart:

The embattled workers of Alta Mode Inc., a garments factory in the Mactan export zone and subcontractor for global brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, are appealing for solidarity. Since February 15, a hundred workers have camped out in the main gates of the Mactan export zone, one of the biggest in the Philippines, after they were locked out…Over the course of a year of struggle, Alta Mode workers have held a sit down strike, barged into the export zone compound and camped out beside the factory premises. The fight of the Alta Mode workers is a struggle for job security and workers rights. Since labor unrest broke out at Alta Mode, workers have struggled over illegal shutdowns, erratic working days and inhuman production quotas. After workers organized, management interfered in the exercise of the right to unionize with aim of defeating union certification. No union has survived in the three decades-long history of the Mactan export zone, proving the no union, no strike policy of export zones.


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