Female Workers Go Into Trance In West Java

Would like to know more about this brief story in The Jakarta Post about over 100 workers falling into a trance in Garut, West Java:

Over 100 female employees of an artificial eyelash maker in the West Java town of Garut fell into a trance on Wednesday, forcing the management to bring production to a halt.

The rare incident took place just after the workers of PT Surya Garut Indah were about to return to work after a lunch break. Quoting a security guard, Antara reported that one worker fell into the trance, which quickly spread to others.

“They became enraged with their eyes turning red, while screaming and uttering unclear words,” security guard Nurodin said.

It took a spiritual healer over one hour to help the workers regain their consciousness, Nurodin added. The management then asked all the workers to go home to prevent the incident from recurring.

The spiritual healer, Junaedi, said a number of workers had resisted his attempt to cure them. Some of them spitted on him, he added.

He said the cause of the trance remained unclear.


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