Garment, Food Workers Announce Successful Campaigns

Two successful campaign announcements were made today.

In the food industry, the IUF-affiliated Kirin Miwon Foods Workers’ Union (SPKMF) reached an agreement with management which won them the right to bargain wages for the first time.  The victory came after two months of negotiating that began with management refusing to bargain over wages.  As the IUF puts it, “The fight for the right to negotiate wages at Kirin Miwon is symbolic of many industrial struggles throughout Indonesia, where workers are systematically denied the right to bargain wages.”

In the garment industry, after over three years of campaigning, workers at PT Mulia Knitting Factory have won the right to unionize and will be affiliating with Gabungan Serikat Buruh Independen (GSBI).  This was assisted by the Clean Clothes Campaign and it appears that a key part of the victory was leverage through pressuring international buyers, namely Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren, in order to pressure local management.  You can read the full announcement here.


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