Why Is Saudi Arabia So Dangerous For Migrant Workers?

Today’s Financial Times article on Saudi labor reform, or the lack there of, offers a bit of an explanation as to why the context of Saudi Arabia has been especially dangerous for the already vulnerable migrant worker community:

Human rights activists say, officials ignore the fact that the behaviour is nurtured by the kingdom’s labour sponsorship system, or kafalah. While in most countries maids can simply leave abusive employers, in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states they cannot quit the country or change jobs without explicit permission.  Whether an investment banker, lawyer, driver or a maid, all 9m expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia work under a so-called kafeel, or a sponsor. While many enjoy a peaceful existence, abuse of foreign employees is common once a labour dispute arises, activists say. Sponsors often take possession of workers’ passports, deny exit visas or do not give permission to switch jobs.


2 responses to “Why Is Saudi Arabia So Dangerous For Migrant Workers?

  1. Nice article sa, Kita telah dibohongi oleh kampanye politik yang mengatakan pengangguran dan kemiskinan telah berkurang, hal ini bukti nyata bahwa masih tinggi nya kemiskinan bahkan di ibukota jakarta sekalipun, sebagai gubernur fauzi bowo tidak terlihat begitu baik kontribusinya sebagai pemimpin dalam hal program2 pemerintah nya bahkan pelaksanaan nya, yang saya lihat hanya
    Scarf Scarf

  2. because saudi arabia is a devil’s country for migrant workers !!! DAMN Saudi !!!

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