E-Action: SP KAHUTINDO Leader Arrested

From the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI): You can send a message in support of Nurimah, SP KAHUTINDO (Indonesian Forestry and Allied Workers’ Union) plant chairperson who has been arrested and detained in the Women’s State Prison in Bulu, Semarang since December 9th.  Nurimah was arrested on charges of assault against a fellow employee, an assault that allegedly occurred in 2006.  The union, however, claims that the charges have been fabricated by PT. San Yu Frame Moulding Industries in an attempt to disrupt negotiations and intimidate the union.

This incident is part of a series of intimidation strategies that have been adopted by PT. San Yu Frame Moulding Industries, according to the union.  Below is a history of the case provided by BWI:

The union was registered on 18 June 2009 with initial 434 members from total 700 employees. Ever since, the union has been continuously trying to initiate dialogue with the management with regards to fixed date of wage payment, wage scale and CBA renewal. On 12 January 2010, a wildcat strike happened spontaneously in the workplace, due to the discrimination of wage payment. The company paid the daily workers immediately. Yet, this led the company to systematically discriminate and intimidate union officials and members, re-established SP Kahut Indonesia – SPSI at the workplace, verbally insulting the union officials and forced an employee to report Nurimah to police for an assault claimed to be committed in 2006.

Many of the strategies described can be considered standard operating procedure in campaigns to intimidate unions.  One element unique to the Indonesian context is the attempted re-establishment of an SPSI affiliate at the plant.  SPSI was the only labor federation allowed under the New Order regime, but remains one of the largest labor federations in Indonesia, despite its ties to the previous regime.


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