Amnesty International: Parliament Fails Domestic Workers

From an Amnesty International press release:

Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Director, said: “As Indonesians commemorate National Domestic Workers Day on 15 February, some 2.6 million domestic workers remain outside the law’s protection.   “Currently the 2003 Manpower Act, which safeguards workers’ rights, discriminates against domestic workers. The Act does not provide the same protection it affords other workers, such as reasonable limitation on working hours and provisions for rest and holidays”.  The failure to pass a bill to protect domestic workers in Indonesia, more than a year after it was prioritised by parliament, leaves domestic workers vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The result is that women and girl domestic workers live and work in abusive conditions which take place out of the public eye. They experience economic exploitation, and physical, psychological and sexual violence on a regular basis.

Sam Zarifi added: “The delay in extending legal protection to domestic workers seems at odds with steps the Indonesian government has taken to improve protection of Indonesian migrants, including domestic workers, outside the country.  While we support these actions, there cannot be double standards when it comes to human rights protection.”


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