Domestic Workers Demonstrate, Do Laundry At Hotel Indonesia Roundabout

From a article, translated into English by the Indoleft News Service:

Despite the drizzle, scores of domestic workers (PRT) remained indifferent to the falling rain and continued washing their bosses’ clothing. After being washed, it was then dried and ironed. So it was that on February 14 the Hotel Indonesia (HI) traffic circle in Central Jakarta became a giant laundry encircling the entire roundabout.  During the action the protesters also hung up T-shirts with “Bosses prosperous because of domestic workers” and “Recognition, rights and decent work for domestic workers” written on them along with a giant billboard with the message “100 pieces of domestic workers’ washing drying so the bosses can wear neat and clean clothes”.

The demonstrators, who came from the Domestic Workers Action Committee (KAPRT), also held a theatrical action depicting their demands and symbolising the labour performed by domestic workers.

“When Indonesia commemorates National Domestic Workers Day on February 15, around 2.6 million domestic workers will still lack legal protection”, said one of the speakers, Umi (26), at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle on Jl. MH Thamrin on Monday.


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