Garment Workers in Burma On Strike

According to the Democratic Voice of Burma website, 1,500 workers at the Taiyi shoe factory in Rangoon have been on strike for four days, demanding a raise from $.70 USD per 12 hour day to $.96 USD per 12 hour day.  This comes on the heels of previous strikes in the garment industry last month in which 700 workers in Rangoon gained improved working conditions.

The DVB article also provides some context:

And just over a year ago a series of workers’ strikes rocked factories in Rangoon, and led to calls for stronger labour union laws in Burma. That may soon be realised, given a recent announcement that a new Trade Union Act has been drafted.

Unions have been legally allowed in Burma, although a clause in the 2008 constitution states that their formation is conditioned on not being “contrary to the laws enacted for [Burma’s] security, prevalence of law and order, community peace and tranquillity, or public order and morality”. The subsequent definitions for these criteria are vague.

More than 30 labour activists, including eight female members of the Federation of Trade Unions Burma (FTUB), are imprisoned in Burma out of a total of more than 2,150 political prisoners. Perceived dissent in Burma is often punished by lengthy jail terms.


2 responses to “Garment Workers in Burma On Strike

  1. Here’s hoping they succeed in their claim!

    Do you have a source for the new Labour Law announcement?

    • workingindonesia

      @michael: the paragraph mentioning the possibility of a new trade union act was taken from the Democratic Voice of Burma article cited at the beginning of the post. As for the announcement they are referring to, I do not have a source for that myself.

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