Victory For Nescafe Workers in Panjang

Workers at a Nescafe factory in Panjang have won an important victory, gaining union recognition and bargaining rights after a three year campaign, which I have posted about a number of times already.  You can read about the victory below:

A settlement has been agreed which brings recognition and bargaining rights to the IUF-affiliated SBNIP at the Nescafé factory in Panjang, Indonesia.

The agreement, which was initialed by the IUF and Nestlé corporate management on March 28 and signed by the union and local Nestlé management on March 31, sets the stage for the SBNIP to bargain the Panjang workers’ collective agreement including the wage bargaining which Nestlé management had been steadfastly rejecting for years.

In the course of their 3-year struggle for recognition and full bargaining rights, the SBNIP stood up to harassment and systematic pressure on leaders and members. They received support in many forms from IUF members around the world through the Nespressure campaign actions.


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