More May Day 2011

I was not diligent enough to do this, but the IndoLeft News Service has compiled an impressive collection of English translations of the Indonesian press coverage of worker protests on May Day 2011.  Below is a list of actions, with links to the articles in English and Indonesian:

  • May Day actions centered on Malioboro, Yogya on state of high-alert – Tempo (English | Indonesian)
  • May Day protests in Yogya call for end to outsourcing, contract labour – Detik (English | Indonesian)
  • Police blockade prevents Makassar workers from occupying airport – Detik (English | Indonesian)
  • Women workers in Bandung demand right to breastfeed – Okezone (English | Indonesian)
  • May Day heats up in Jakarta after protesters set fire to tyres – Detik (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers and students unite for May Day in Bandung – Okezone (English | Indonesian)
  • Hundreds of workers in Jakarta descend on Labour Ministry – Detik (English | Indonesian)
  • Surrounded by razor wire, parliament besieged by hundreds of workers – Detik (English | Indonesian)
  • Students in Bali condemn government for failing migrant workers (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers alliance calls for improved working conditions – Komhukum (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers in Semarang say government sides with capitalists, not workers – CyberNews (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers in Sukabumi say they have no time to perform ritual prayers – Pikiran Rakyat (English | Indonesian)
  • Journalists in Aceh call for improved safety guarantees and welfare – Media Indonesia (English | Indonesian)
  • Activists and workers in Lampung say workers’ rights being trampled on – Republika (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers call for cancelation of ASEAN-China free trade agreement Viva News (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers in Purwokerto commemorate May Day with ‘sleep in’ – Media Indonesia (English | Indonesian)
  • Boyolali workers reject contract labour, call for women workers’ rights – Solo Post (English | Indonesian)
  • Solo workers commemorate May Day by ‘destroying the walls of capital’ – Cyber News (English | Indonesian)
  • Workers clash with police at Jakarta airport – Detik (English | Indonesian)

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