E-Action: Support State Railway Workers’ Union of Thailand (SRUT)

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) is calling on international support for the State Railway Workers’ Union of Thailand (SRUT) after a recent court decision that will allow the firing of seven union leaders for their participation in a safety-related work-action back in 2009.  You can learn more about the campaign and send a message in support of the workers.

From the ITF:

The ITF has responded with ‘shock and disbelief’ to today’s Thai Labour Court decision to allow the dismissal of seven leaders of the SRUT railway workers’ trade union for their part in a safety-related industrial action two years ago, and the imposition of a THB15 million fine against them.

The union officials are being punished by the management of the State Railways of Thailand (SRT) for their part in industrial action taken in October 2009 to publicise the deplorable safety failings on the network which led to two derailments and one fatal accident in four days that month. The accident killed seven and injured many others. The driver had had one rest day in the previous 30 days. The driver’s ‘deadman’s handle’ system was not working, and, unbelievably, only 20 per cent of locomotives were even equipped with such a fundamental piece of equipment, according to the union.


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