Carrefor Workers Threaten Strike

Workers at the French-based retail chain Carrefor are threatening to strike over the arbitrary firing of one employee.  This from The Jakarta Post:

Thousands employees of retail giant Carrefour, represented by the Congress Alliance of Indonesian Labor Unions (KASBI), say they will go on strike from Aug. 26 to 28, four days before Idul Fitri.  Carrefour employees throughout Greater Jakarta will stage a rally at the company’s head office in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

The thread has been triggered by the dismissal of an employee, Pakpin Sinaga, who was also a member of the Carrefour Indonesia Workers’ Union (SPCI), SPCI chief Imam Setiawan told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.  Imam said the incident began when Pakpin, working in the bazaar division, bought a soft drink with a gift coupon at his workplace in East Jakarta and won first prize, a high-tech water purification device.

“The company interrogated Pakpin, accusing him of cheating by finding out which product contained the first prize.”  Feeling wronged, Pakpin asked KASBI for an advocate, Imam said. “However, the company fired him without explanation.”




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