E-Action: End Forced Labor In Vietnam

Credit: Julian Abram Wainwright photography

From the International Labor Rights Forum:

In detention centers all over Vietnam, some 40,000 men, women, and children are being held against their will and forced to labor for the Vietnamese government. The victims are held without a hearing or a trial in a court of law in drug detention centers on suspicion of using illegal drugs. Most detainees are picked up in “street sweeps” or on the basis of a single positive urine test.  Even those who enter the centers voluntarily in the hopes of getting help for addictions are not allowed to leave.  Many are held for up to five years of forced labor, often to produce goods for private companies.  ILRF is calling on the U.S. Trade Representative to denounce compulsory drug detention, and to demand that Vietnam permanently close the forced labor centers before rewarding Vietnam with the benefits of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership [Free Trade] Agreement.

Sign ILRF’s petition to United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk, calling on him to denounce the Vietnamese Government’s sponsorship of forced labor, and to demand that Vietnam permanently close the drug detention centers.

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