E-Action: Support Hotel Workers In Cambodia

This appeal for online support comes from the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF).  Below is the story, you can send your message here.

Workers unfairly terminated for trade union organizing at the five star Angkor Village Hotel and Angkor Village Botanical Resort Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, are fighting for their rights, their jobs and their union – and need your support. With the support of the IUF-affiliated Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers’ Federation (CTSWF), unions were legally formed at the two hotels in July this year. The owners retaliated by dismissing a total of 67 of the 90 workers at both hotels. The owners have defied rulings of the government Arbitration Council, court orders and official mediation that the workers were unjustly dismissed and must be reinstated in their jobs. The workers continue to peacefully demonstrate at the hotels despite police intimidation and arrests. You can support them by using the form below to send a message to the owners demanding the immediate reinstatement of all dismissed workers with back pay, and the recognition of their unions.


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