E-Action: Call For Reinstatement Of Union Leader In Aceh

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has set-up an online campaign in support of Teuku Nantasyah (Nanta), a union leader who was arrested and subsequently lost his job.  You can follow the link above to a send a message and read more about the case:

Nanta was released but struggle continues now for his reinstatement. Remember, few months ago, Teuku Nantasyah (Nanta), FKUI Chairman at Lafarge Cement Indonesia (PT.SAI Lafarge) was arrested by police in Aceh and detained for 30 days. It is only after international pressure that Lafarge took the case seriously and requested the police to release Nanta. ACT NOW! Take one minute of your time to sign our solidarity campaign calling for his reinstatement.

For months Nanta has been engaged in the struggle for workers’ rights against the management. Nanta has been protesting against bad working conditions and raising the issue of decent wages for contract workers. The company employs 215 contract workers.

Nanta has been a contract worker for more than 20 years, earning roughly IDR. 90,000 (USD. 10) per week without proper occupational safety and health equipment and social security.

It is interesting to note that the basis of the campaign is an International Framework Agreement (IFA) between BWI and Lefarge.  IFAs are not collective bargaining agreements.  Rather, they are agreements in which a multi-national corporations commits to maintain certain agreed upon labor standards and are an important vehicle through which the Global Union Federations (GUFs), such as the BWI, can support local affiliates. You can go here for more information on the goals of IFAs and which companies have signed IFAs with the BWI.


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