SBY On Recent Labor Unrest

From The Jakarta Post:

“Moral-wise, labor wages should be appropriate to meet the sense of justice,” Yudhoyono told journalists during an impromptu press conference at the Presidential Office on Wednesday.

“If our economy and business world continues to grow, then labor wages should go up in line with that growths,” he said.  The President also said that all local administrations at the regency and city levels should take a share of responsibility in handling disputes concerning labor’s minimum wages in several regions.

“The tri-partite regional wage council [in each region], which consist of representatives from the local administration, businesspeople and labor unions, must be able to address the issue properly. The council knows the life costs in regions, thus, they should know how much the minimum wage in each region should be,” Yudhoyono said.

“Don’t let the disputes be ridden by other interests. I hope this matter is free from any kind of political interests,” he went on.


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