Said Iqbal On Fuel Subsidy Protests

Here’s a quote from Said Iqbal in The Jakarta Post‘s coverage of the fuel subsidy protests:

“We come here to urge the House to reject the government’s proposal of increasing the fuel prices on April 1 and the power tariff price on May 1. We come here to give moral support for lawmakers to channel the people’s opposition to the planned fuel price increases. We are here to back up lawmakers from the PDI-P, Golkar, PKS, Gerindra and Hanura to channel our aspirations,” he said.

He called on lawmakers to no longer remain loyal to their own political parties, which he said have been inattentive to the real conditions people face at the grass-roots level. “Lawmakers should fight for a ‘one man, one vote’ mechanism in the planned vote for the proposed revision of the 2012 state budget law.”


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