E-Action: Support PT Kizone Workers

The Clean Clothes Campaign has posted an online campaign in which you can send an e-mail to Adidas urging them to pay the workers of PT Kizone the severance pay they are owed.

Adidas are refusing to pay a cent to Indonesian workers who are still owed US$ 1.8 million in severance pay a year after their factory, PT Kizone, closed down.

In January 2011, the owner of PT Kizone in Indonesia fled, resulting in the closure of the factory in April the same year, and leaving 2,800 workers without work and the severance pay they were entitled to. Sportswear brand adidas had been sourcing from PT Kizone for many years, where workers were paid as little as US$ 0.60 an hour.

For more information on the PT Kizone campaign, you can go to the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) page here.


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