Adidas “Slavery” Shoes

By Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press

Mike Thompson discusses the Adidas “slavery” shoes in The Detroit Free Press:

Still, I’d question why our outrage is limited to the design of a shoe when products sold by Adidas and any number of familiar brand name companies have reportedly been manufactured, or are being manufactured, in third world sweatshops by workers who are paid a pittance and who endure an existence that would give slavery a run for its money on the misery index?

Adidas has come under fire in the past over accusations that its suppliers were manufacturing its products in sweatshops and earlier this year the British newspaper “The Independent” reported that Olympic uniforms were being manufactured for Adidas in Indonesian supplier sweatshops where workers endure 65 hour workweeks and hideously low wages. Adidas has taken steps in the past to address the problem and promises to investigate these most recent claims.


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