Connection Between This Week’s Strike & Presidential Race?

While I will need a lot more evidence before I am convinced of the connection, The Wall Street Journal wonders aloud whether labor unrest like this week’s strike wave will play a role in the presidential race.

The current protests are supported by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, or PDI-P, the party of Ms. Sukarnoputri, who is seen as a contender in the 2014 presidential election. The eldest daughter of founding President Sukarno, Ms. Sukarnoputri attempted to make labor issues a part of her 2009 presidential bid; she could fare better this time in a time of perceived rising social inequality


5 responses to “Connection Between This Week’s Strike & Presidential Race?

  1. Unfortunately the link leads to this message: “The document you requested either no longer exists or is not currently available.”

    Besides Megawati having a ‘vested interest’, this would seem to be a scenario which could be to the advantage of Prabowo, the self-styled ‘farmer’s friend.

  2. workingindonesia

    Sorry about the bad link. It may have to do with the WSJ’s paywall. Hopefully the new one works.

  3. Nope, it doesn’t work, but no matter.

    However, that the WSJ is publishing an article about how the nation’s political parties are riding on the coat-tails of popular protest is an indication of their increasingly desperate attemtps to appear relevant.

    Incidentally, this month’s Inside Indonesia is devoted to the role of social media as a tool for activism, surely how the unions are now able to mobilise workers en masse.

  4. Yes it doesn’t work, but no matter guys

  5. Or so angry you could spit. Have you ever recycled a Holiday present.

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