Komnas HAM: Police First, Companies Second In Human Rights Complaints

The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) released the number of human rights complaints through the first 11 months of this year.  Komnas HAM received a total of 5,422 complaints of alleged human rights abuses, with the largest category of complaints involving the police.  Second, however, was private companies (1,009 complaints), with 276 of these involving employment disputes.

From The Jakarta Post:

This year, the commission also received 1,009 reports on human rights abuses allegedly conducted by companies.

The reports said that the companies were involved in land disputes (399 cases), employment disputes (276 cases) and environmental pollution and damage (72 cases).

“The figures reflect that companies are among the non-governmental actors, besides mass organizations, that have the potential to be human rights offenders,” he added.

Komnas HAM commissioner Natalius Pigai said he was concerned that many companies banned or strategically weakened labor unions to undermine salary rise demands.

Komnas HAM said that the figure of this year’s report was 20.4 percent higher than last year’s 4,502 cases


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