Kyais in Industrial Relations

From M. C. Ricklefs’ very recent book, Islamisation and Its Oppoents in Java, c.1930 to the Present, a mention of Kyais (definition here) getting involved in industrial relations:

Kyias who convey sanctity and have supernatural reputations are highly regarded in a society so steeped in ideas of the occult, but kyais are not just other-worldly figures, as we have seen. In Kediri, where they are so prominent, they have been involved in encouraging and facilitating communications between the giant Gudang Garam tobacco factory and its employees when there are industrial disputes. In 2002, for example, the NU  [Nahdlatul Ulama] leaders issued advice (taushiah) supporting the action of the union in defending the rights of workers, urging the management to be more receptive and prudent, asking both sides to restrain themselves and security authorities not to be repressive, and advising all to be wary of provocations. (p. 350)


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