Jakarta’s EPL Party & Indonesia’s Forgotton Domestic Players

A recent column by Anthony Sutton in The Jakarta Globe highlights the unsettling juxtaposition between the celebrated visits to Jakarta by the world’s most famous football clubs and the otherwise rampant dysfunction of the Indonesian football industry. Among other issues in the Indonesian game, there are serious labor issues involving player salaries. From the column:

The clowns were here before the English Premier League traveling circus arrived and will be here long after it is gone. The English clubs’ legacy is YouTube videos of crazy, crazy nights at Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and that’s about it.

Indonesian players will continue to not get paid. I wonder if the likes of Olivier Giroud, Raheem Sterling or Fernando Torres spared a thought about them? I wonder if they even knew Indonesian footballers were ritually going months without receiving their salaries and the world’s governing body, FIFA, was happy to turn a blind eye.

I wonder if anyone touched upon Diego Mendieta, the Paraguayan footballer left to die a lonely death in a Solo hospital last year because nobody felt the need to honor contracts and pay him the money he was owed that could have at least seen him return home to spend his final days with family.


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