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National Strike, Set For This Week

From The Jakarta Globe:

Around three million workers in 20 Indonesian provinces will join national strikes on Thursday and Friday in support of improved welfare conditions.

Said Iqbal, the president of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Union, said in a press release that hundreds of thousands of companies in forty industrial regions would cease production during the stoppage.

“There’s no political motive in this national strike,” he said. “Worker unions are purely fighting for the welfare of the workers.”

Said said that the unions were demanding an average national wage increase by 50 percent. In Jakarta, they were expecting the minimum wage to be set at Rp 3.7 million ($334).

Apart from wages, workers are demanding universal health coverage for all Indonesians by Jan. 1, 2014 and for the elimination of outsourcing.


From Nobodycorp.:

Reads: "Ayo Resist! Resist Low Wages / Resist Outsourcing / Social Security for Everyone"

Reads: “Ayo Resist! Resist Low Wages, Resist Outsourcing, Social Security for Everyone”