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Pre-May Day Demonstrations

Okezone, translated into English by the Indoleft News Service, has this report of pre-May Day demonstration by Aliansi Buruh Menggugat (ABM) and Serikat Pekerja Kereta Api Jakarta [Greater Jakarta Railway Workers Trade Union] (SPKAJ):

In the lead up to the commemoration of International Labour Day or May Day, the Workers Challenge Alliance (ABM) and the Greater Jakarta Railway Workers Trade Union (SPKAJ) are planning massive actions in Jakarta on May 1.  As part of the preparations for May Day, the groups held a protest action at the University of Indonesia (UI) train station in front of the university this afternoon.  Aside from collecting donations from sympathisers, they also called for the main agenda item for May Day to be rejecting the results of the April 9 legislative elections. In order to attract support from UI students, they gave speeches and handed out hundreds of May Day leaflets with calls to reject the election results.

According to the workers, the recent elections were not a people’s election, were fraudulent and are illegitimate. The grounds for the workers’ rejection of the elections is because the ‘festival of democracy’ failed to give birth to an elite or assembly members who side with the interests of workers – for example who have the courage to abolish contract labour systems (outsourcing) which is extremely harmful to workers.